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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Arkansas TV Anchor Attacked

An Arkansas TV anchor woman and reporter is clinging to life in a hospital after a violent attack in her home Monday morning. Here is the story from CNN.

Any times this happens, a cold chill run up my spine. People tell me that I'm being irrational, but I've answered enough nasty and hateful calls in my twenty years in the media to know that there are people out who hate the media so much they would commit murder to anyone working at the radio/TV station or newspaper, whether the person is the on-air personality, salesperson or janitor. I blame this hatred of media professionals on the talk radio riff-raff and politicians who demonize us as the cause of all problems in this country. I have mentioned this on media message boards, only to find that many in the industry do not take their co-workers or own safety seriously. The attitude is "It won't happen to me. Not here is Springfield." It happened to Jennifer Servo, a reporter at KRBC in Abilene, Texas, a in 2002. In the late 1980's, then KY 3's anchor woman Leanne Gregg was attacked by someone who had entered her apartment, luckily she had a friend with her who took care of the intruder. IT CAN HAPPEN HERE! Some of my colleagues have had to protect themselves from people who wanted to harm them over something they said on air.

I believe that the violence against a media worker should carry heavy consequences. I also believe that people or organizations advocating such actions should be punished severely as well.

My hope is Ms. Pressly, like Leanne Gregg, can live through this ordeal.

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