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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I want to address something that is not being talked about on either KSGF or KWTO. It's something that is not being written about in the News Leader. None of the TV stations have reported on this. I going to say this delicately yet in terminology that even a small child could understand: SPRINGFIELD SMELLS LIKE POTTY.

The area where it stinks the most is Sunshine and Highway 65. However, in the last week I have noticed this stink now covers an area from Sunshine and Hwy 65 to about Battlefield and Lone Pine.

It is obviously a problem with the city sewage system that needs to be fixed. It is really bad on hot days. I'm sure some of our typical Springfield cranks will start in with the old "It-will-cost-the-taxpayers-money" garbage they start in with when any improvements are needed in the city. Think about this folks, DO WE WANT OUR TOWN TO SMELL LIKE A TOILET? Something is wrong and it needs to be fixed.

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