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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lebanon High School students are victims of cyber bullying

Lebanon High school students are victims of cyber bullying
Even though I no longer use this blog on a regular basis, I had to comment on this story out of my hometown. Regular readers to this blog no that one of the issues that really makes me upset is bullying. I have called for a federal bullying law and even said that it should contain a provision for reparations. The link above is to a story that appeared on KSPR NEWS Thursday evening. I want to commend Principal Lowey of Lebanon High School for taking action against this disgusting behavior. I happened to see the Facebook sight before it was taken down and the contents were beyond vicious.

I hope that Principal Lowery will find out the perpetrators of this horrible act and punish them. He should also punish the kids who "friended" or "liked" this page as well. If it is a group of parents, they should be prosecuted. Before you say "Lebanon parents wouldn't have anything to do with this," let me say that since I graduated Lebanon High School in 1987, I have found out that many of my classmate's parents hated me. They learn this stuff at home. 

I'm glad that Facebook didn't exist when I was at Lebanon High School, because there would have been a Facebook page called "LHS Hates Desdinova." My haters were just as bad. As I have said previously, bullies need to be dealt with harshly. Maybe if we had a federal law that prosecuted junior high/high school bullies and punishing them severely (Perhaps baring them from attending colleges/universities or holding a job) so they have to pay for their crimes against their classmates for the rest of their lives. If we don't do something to curb bullying, there will be more cases like Phoebe Prince.

Of course, opinions, like the ones above, are why I'm considered the Super Villain of the Ozarks!!!! Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!    

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