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Saturday, December 6, 2008

STOP POSTING SPAM ON MY BLOG (or why I haven't been allowing comments)

Some of the other local bloggers e-mailed me and asked why I haven't been allowing comments on my blog since early in the summer months. One word: SPAM! I've had spam about cut rate drugs from Canada, cheap jewelry from China, stocks and bonds and even a few strange candidates for office.

However the worst has been a person who has started a political action committee in California. This person has been trying to post a link to this groups website. They usually add a remark like "You are fool not to join us in our fight for real justice" or "Only a stupid person would not want to support our cause."

I sorry, I will NOT give free publicity to a political movement I don't agree with. I also won't give free publicity to a group that sells t-shirts and books. I especially find the t-shirt for children in poor taste. "My Mama's for Obama" was on kids this fall was cute but "I Was Molested By a Bad Judge" for sale on your site is creepy.

I understand that there are times when things aren't fair, but demonizing everyone in a certain profession and trying to ruin the careers of innocent people who do their job right is sadistic.

Today, this person showed themselves for what they are: a selfish bully.

  1. This person tried to post this tirade under the Forrest J. Ackerman story. It has nothing to do with Forry or Famous Monsters (although this person is a creep).
  2. "I always thought people in the Ozarks were stupid. You are proof." That's funny people in the Ozarks always say people in California are obnoxious and you are proof.
  3. "From what I read on this blog you are not only against person liberty and justice, but anti-family." Obviously he doesn't understand my humor, but then again so do some here in the Ozarks.
  4. This person wrote his little sob story which didn't win me over. Apparently this guy claims he didn't get custody of his son because "The judge had the hots for my blond actress ex-slut who stupidly votes for the Dumbo-crats." Yeah, this guy knows how to make you feel sorry for him. This was followed several references to being a "I'm a high paid bank executive." He also believes in "firm discipline" unlike his "ex-slut" (this phrase must have been his creation). Then he mentioned that she put their child in "faggy music lessons" where as he felt the boy should participate in "Little League, Pop Warner Football or a cage fighting group one of my frat brother's son is involved with." So tell me again why you didn't get custody of the boy?
  5. "You are violating my free speech. I could sue you." You will have to find out who I AM first. Granted someone tried to out me earlier this year. Of course, I would get involved with him because his brother was mentioned in the story that hacked you off. He probably would't help you. Besides we would have to go to court and the judge might rule in my favor because he ( in the case of my post) or she have the "hots for me."
  6. "You are uninformed on this situation. I first heard of trouble like this when I would watch Wally George's show in junior high. Bill O'Reilly talks about bad judges all the time." You watched Wally George in junior high? Shouldn't they lock people like you up? How did a guy like you get married in the first place.

I deleted this from the Forrest Ackerman post and there will be no comments on this one. Tell the talk radio boys how I was mean to you, they might be interested. Also tell your "ex-slut" I'm available. She might be my type.

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