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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This talk about Swine Flu reminds me of my childhood. In the first grade, there was a case of Swine Flu. The government made everyone take Swine Flu shots. As you can read in this article by Paul Mickle, the shots may have done more harm than good. Several people died from taking the immunization, where as one person died of Swine Flu. It is believed the government may have overreacted. NPR reports that what happened in 1976 may be avoided because of better medicine and calmer nerves.

However, my mother to this day says the Swine Flu shot was the best thing for me. I had asthma and allergies. That year was my healthiest year. I was in the first grade at Mark Twain Elementary School in Lebanon, MO. My teacher was Miss Florence Keller, who told my mother that I was a borderline genius. After that year, everyone has insisted I'm an idiot. I'll get back at them when I RULE THE WORLD. Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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