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Sunday, August 15, 2010


There has been quite a bit of attention aimed at JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater, who got feed up with dealing with obnoxious passengers. After one passenger bludgeoned him with a suitcase and then called him a derogatory name, he told the passenger off over the plane's intercom, grabbed a beer off the drink cart and slid down the inflatable emergency exit slide.

The Washington Post reports that many flight attendants see Steven Slater as a hero and are glad that he brought to public attention the kind of bad behavior they have to put up with from airline passengers.

It is not just flight attendants. I'm hearing from people in both food service and retail here in the Ozarks. They think what Slater did was cool and would like to do it themselves. As one person told me this week, "I've worked in stores in K.C and St. Louis, but people in Springfield are the worst. They think want everything their way and if you don't give it to them they complain to management to get you fired."

I was shocked to learn from a person, who works for a national retail chain, that Springfield customers frequently removed the store's signage from displays and throw it in the trash. Why? "They said it was in the way."

Part of the problem is the whole "customer-is-always-right" philosophy. At one point in our nations history, this was probably good business practice. TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

The customer now exploits this to their ill-gotten advantage. They have employees over a barrel and if they don't get their way they can get them fired.

Since this story broke, I have made jokes about the radio station I work at needing an "inflatable emergency slide." When I worked in Lebanon at a country station, I thought the country music audience were the worst people to deal with. I moved to Springfield to work at a large cluster and found out that there is an audience worst than country to deal with: TALK RADIO LISTENERS. Talk radio listeners are conditioned by idiots like Rush, Hanity, Dr. Laura, and Beck to be angry, hateful and self-righteous. They also are told, by the host, not to trust radio station employees because we are part of the "evil media." All technical problems during their show are caused by us "evil employees at the local affiliate" because we got into radio to play "evil Communist-Satanic rock music" and we will do anything to keep the "good, Christian, patriotic, conservative, Midwestern, white, heterosexual, senior citizen" talk radio listeners from hearing what these overpaid idiots have to say. I get abused by more deranged old white people than I deserve.

I got into the industry to entertain young people because most of the Ozarks radio markets ignore them. I did not get into radio (or the media) to pander to old, white, conservative bigots with more money than me.

Another thing, I got into the industry to be on the radio - to be the star. These scum-sucking old, white, conservative bigots get more airtime to give their hateful, bigoted right-wing opinions on the radio because just by calling in to shows. Even if the show was about needlepoint these stupid, scummy old people will call-in and start talking that Birther trash or how they are against gay marriage.

I can't believe that the radio industry thinks some old white goober named Wendell has anything important to say! AND DON'T GET ME STARTED ON THOSE CHILD ABUSING, METH MAKING MORONS IN THE TEA PARTY MOVEMENT!

I find it interesting that the people who get mad when I complain about the abuse I suffer from these old talk radio listening scumbags, as well as complain about the media for turning Steven Slater in to a hero, usually have some worthless non-job like "adventure capitalist" or "pet transport."

One day I'll fix these old goats. I'll top Slater's exit by slide. I plan to play at CD of "If You Seek Amy" by Britney Spears during Rush Limbaugh. I'm going to Crazy Glue it in the CD player so nobody can stop it. None of the old coots who like Rush Limbaugh better than me will be able to hear what their fat overpaid savior has to say. Then, as my favorite Dr. Sues character would say, "They will all cry boo-hoo-hoo."


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