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Thursday, October 28, 2010


It has been a tradition with this blog to bring you a list of songs for your Halloween partying pleasure. This is a Halloween playlist I created for my Ipod. I've been listening to this list for the past two weeks. Too bad none of the local radio stations will play wall-to-wall Halloween music for even one day, much less two months like they do with Christmas music. I included some songs from horror films, even though the songs themselves are not meant to be scary (This explains "Look For a Star," "Ben" and "Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte").

In The Hall Of The Mountain King - Sounds Incorporated
(It's A) Monsters' Holiday - Buck Owens
Dinner with Drac Part 1 - John Zacherle
She's Fallen In Love With The Monster Man - Screamin' Lord Sutch & The Savages
Daughter Of Darkness - Tom Jones
Barnabas - the Vampire State Building
A Clockwork Orange - Wendy Carlos
Suspiria - Goblin
Batman, Wolfman, Frankenstein Or Dracula - The Diamonds
Soul Dracula - Red Blood
Flaming Telepaths/Astronomy - Blue Öyster Cult
(Don't Fear) The Reaper - Blue Öyster Cult
I Love The Night - Blue Öyster Cult
Godzilla - Blue Öyster Cult
Joan Crawford - Blue Öyster Cult
Ben - Michael Jackson
Thriller [Single Edit] - Michael Jackson
I Walked With A Zombie - Roky Erickson And The Aliens
Voodoo Child (Slight Return) - Jimi Hendrix Experience
In The Air Tonight - Phil Collins
The Walls Keep Talking - Gene Krupa
Ghostbusters - Ray Parker Jr.
Haunted House - Jumpin' Gene Simmons
I Put A Spell On You - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
The Blob -The Five Blobs
Nosferatu -Blue Öyster Cult
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen - Santana
Night of the Vampire - Roky Erickson
Fear (Main Title From "One Step Beyond") - The Ventures
The Witch Queen Of New Orleans - Redbone
Dancing With Mr. D. - The Rolling Stones
D.O.A. - Bloodrock
I Ain't Nothin' But A Gorehound - The Cramps
Vampira - Bobby Bare
Ballad Of A Thin Man - Bob Dylan
Desolation Row - Bob Dylan
Johnny Remember Me - John Leyton
Night Of The Vampire - The Moontrekkers
'Til The Following Night - Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages
Bela Lugosi's Dead - Bauhaus
Christine - Siouxsie & The Banshees
Pinhead - The Ramones
Welcome To My Nightmare - Alice Cooper
Clones (We're All) - Alice Cooper
Children Of The Grave - Black Sabbath
Experiment In Terror - Al Caiola
Monster - The Automatic Automatic
Charlotte's Remains - The Fuzztones
Night Of The Phantom - The Fuzztones
Happy Halloween - The Fuzztones
Cellar Dweller - The Fuzztones
Goin' To A Graveyard - The Fuzztones
Werewolves Of London - Warren Zevon
Evil Ways - Santana
Jack The Ripper - Screaming Lord Sutch
All Black And Hairy - Screaming Lord Sutch
Frankenstein Of '59 - Buchanan & Goodman
Feast Of The Mau Mau - Screamin' Jay Hawkins
Castin' My Spell - Johnny Otis Show With Marci Lee
The Green Slime - The Green Slime
Frankenstein Returns (Part II) - Buchanan & Goodman
Morgus The Magnificent - Morgue And The Ghouls
The Purple People Eater - Sheb Wooley
More Human Than Human - White Zombie
Zombie - The Cranberries
Creep - Radiohead
Knock, Knock - The Humane Society
Psycho - The Sonics
You Must Be A Witch - The Lollipop Shoppe
Optical Sound - The Human Expression
Children of the Damned - Iron Maiden
The Number Of The Beast - Iron Maiden
Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
Mr. Crowley - Ozzy Osbourne
Bark At The Moon - Ozzy Osbourne
Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath
The Wizard - Black Sabbath
Behind The Wall Of Sleep - Black Sabbath
N.I.B. - Black Sabbath
Iron Man - Black Sabbath
Hand Of Doom - Black Sabbath
I Love The Nightlife - Alicia Bridges (from the Dracula comedy movie Love at First Bite)
Ghost Town - The Specials
Careful, With That Axe, Eugene - Pink Floyd
Frankenstein - New York Dolls
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky - The Ramrods
The Witch - The Rattles
Shakin' All Over - Johnny Kidd & The Pirates
Swamp Gal - Tommy Bell
Flyin' Saucers Rock 'n' Roll - Billy Lee Riley & The Little Green Men
She's My Witch - Kip Tyler
Bloodshot - The String Kings
Jungle Rock - Hank Mizell
Ubangi Stomp - Warren Smith
A Nightmare On My Street - DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
Freaks Come Out At Night - Whodini
Twilight Zone - Golden Earring
Lil' Red Riding Hood - Sam The Sham & The Pharaohs
Halloween Mary - P.F. Sloan
Red Right Hand - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
Werewolf - The Frantics
Strange Days - The Doors
People Are Strange - The Doors (used in the movie the Lost Boys)
Tubular Bells - Mike Oldfield
Look For A Star - Garry Miles (from the movie Circus of Horror)
Witchy Woman - The Eagles
One Of These Nights - The Eagles
Screamin' Ball (At Dracula Hall) - The Duponts
Drac's Back - Billy Demarco & Count Dracula
Midnight Stroll - The Revels
Ghost Train - Virgil Holmes
The Mummy's Ball - The Verdicts
Frankenstein's Den - Hollywood Flames
I'm The Wolfman - Round Robin
Spooksville - The Nu-Trends
Monster Party - Bill Doggett
The Creature (From Outer Space) - The Jayhawks
Mr. Were-Wolf - The Kac-Ties
My Son, The Vampire - Allan Sherman
The Monster - Bobby Please And The Pleasers
The Voo Doo Walk - Sonny Richard's Panics W/ Cindy And Misty
Frankenstein's Party - the Swingin' Phillies
Legend Of Sleepy Hollow - The Monotones
Bo Meets The Monster - Bo Diddley
Rockin' In The Graveyard - Jackie Morningstar
Monster Mash - Bobby "Boris" Pickett And The Crypt-Kickers
The Vampire - Orvin Yoes
I Walk On Guilded Splinters - Dr. John
Igor’s Party - Tony’s Monstrosities
The Vampires - Archie King
Nightmare - Artie Shaw & His Orchestra
My Girlfriend Is A Witch - October Country
The Creature From The Black Lagoon - Dave Edmunds
Just Another Day - Oingo Boingo
The Mummy - Bob McFadden & Dor
Martian Hop - The Ran-Dells
Mr. Jaws - Dickie Goodman
Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte - Al Martino
Robots - The Tornados
Graveyard Train - Creedence Clearwater Revival
I'm Your Boogie Man - K.C. & The Sunshine Band (Okay, I'm stretching it here)
Love Potion Number Nine - The Searchers
Weird Science - Oingo Boingo
Dead Man's Party - Oingo Boingo
Bad Moon Rising - Creedence Clearwater Revival

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