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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Remembering Ed Sisson

Other duties have occupied my time recently, but I wanted to mention the passing of Edward J. Sisson. I first knew of Ed Sisson through the radio. He was on KJEL AM/FM in Lebanon when they played good music (ROCK AND ROLL!). He was part of the laid back school of radio guys of the 70's, much like the character Bill Murray played on the National Lampoon's Good Bye Pop LP. Ed, both on-air and off, was usually joking. Whether he was laughing about the teenage boys who dedicated Henry Gross' Shannon to the girlfriends ("That song is a dog that drowns," Ed laughed. "Real romantic.") to the credits on Hawaii 5-0 ("Kam Fong is Chin Ho.") or referring to a former co-worker at KJEL (later KY3 anchor woman) as "Big Ass Joyce." He wasn't a Clear Channel liner card reader nor was he a bigoted, belligerent talk radio blowhard.

I worked with Ed at the Lebanon Daily Record. He was very supportive and gave good advice, as opposed to the hateful yelling most people have given me over the years. He also just liked to talk. As the LDR's Israel Potoczny wrote in a tribute to him, "Ed and I hit it off right away. We shared a passion in a wide range of things, from former journalists such as Hunter S. Thompson, to sports, music and politics. He was a wealth of information and experience that I am sure I only began to tap into."

One of Ed's passions was music. He often wrote about the rock and roll room in his columns and his love of the Beatles. Ed's sign off on KJEL was to thank his mother and father for having him and "God Bless Billy Martin." God Bless, Ed Sisson too.

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