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Saturday, June 28, 2008

At Least Part of My Blog Was In the News Leader Tuesday

Maybe the News Leader does like me after all. A few weeks ago, I had complained about how the News Leader was always writing articles about anonymous blogging yet allowed anonymous bloggers to be hosted by their new website. Then, Monday I wrote a complimentary post about the column Sarah Overstreet had in Sunday's paper about the flooding problem with my 25 cents (most people add their two cents but I believe my opinion is worth 25 cents).

On Thursday, I was speaking with a former co-worker who said, "I liked what you said in the News Leader about the flooding problem." Now, I usually read the News Leader online. For some reason the Local Blogs were not on the Voices page of the website. I dug through the old News Leaders at work and found it in Tuesday's edition.

Now, here is the funny part. As you can see from the photo of the column above, most of what was printed from my blog post was the quote from Sarah Overstreet's column. I guess the rest of my comments (especially the suggestion about the wiffle ball bat) were not acceptable or something.

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