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Saturday, November 1, 2008

News Leader - Don't Increase The Price, Charge LTTE Writers

Ron Davis over at Chatter announced this earlier this week. The Springfield News Leader is raising it's price. My suggestion, if they need to make more money, is charge the letter to the editor writers. I feel that students who write for a class project and liberals SHOULD NOT be charged. Conservatives should be charged by their topic.
  • Anti-abortion letters - $75
  • Anti-gay letters $75
  • Too much sex/violence/foul language in entertainment $100
  • Media is bias against conservatives $500
  • Anti-cruising $ 30
  • Young people are evil $50
  • Anti-MSU $50
  • Anti-Obama $100
  • Anti-Clinton $100
I feel that with in a year, Gannett will not have to make budget cuts and we will get the paper for free.

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