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Thursday, November 13, 2008


One of my goals when a entered MSU (then SMSU) as an electronic media and broadcasting major was to host a teen music TV show like Dick Clark. I wanted to be that friendly adult the teenagers could trust to introduce them to the cool new music. Sadly, that dream becoming reality is disappearing very quickly.

On Sunday, MTV's TRL will go the way of American Bandstand, the Midnight Special, Solid Gold, Shindig, Hullabaloo, Where the Action Is and others teen music shows. The New York Daily News reports that original host Carson Daly returns for the two hour final show. This also is the end of MTV as a music video outlet, instead turning, like other networks, to cheaply made reality shows. Daly says he hopes it returns soon. Maybe it will or will it be like two of the above mentioned shows and be come a set of DVDs sold on late night TV through Guthie-Renker.
My fear is MTV is may turn from the young pop music fans who made them great and start catering to paranoid, cranky old white men like AM radio did (see story above).

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