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Thursday, February 5, 2009

MTV News Reports: The Cramps Singer Lux Interior Dead At 62

I first heard the Cramps on the Midnite Snack when I was in junior high. Some girl (Wonder who she was? She introduced me to great music) played The Cramps version of "Surfin Bird." I liked the Cramps because of their covers of obscure hits and the cover photos of Poison Ivy.

When I arrived at KSMU to do the Midnite Smack a few years later, I and some of my fellow Midnite Snack announcers thought that eventually we would take over the industry and put the Cramps music into heavy rotation. Unfortunatly, the industry is still run by money-grubbing weasels who seem to think radio should only consist of "family-friendly-timeless-love-songs," country music and Rush and his many wanna-be clones. This is why radio is in such a sad state. Below is a link to the MTV News report.

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