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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Norman "Hurricane" Smith Dies

The man who engineered the Beatles early LP, produced the early LPs of Pink Floyd and even had a brief singing career has died. Norman "Hurricane" Smith has died at age 85.

According to All Access: "Smith was the engineer on all of the recordings by THE BEATLES up until 1965 when EMI promoted him from engineer to producer. The last BEATLES album he recorded was "Rubber Soul." SMITH engineered the sound for approximately 180 Beatles songs in all. In 1972, SMITH, using his recording artist pseudonym of "HURRICANE SMITH," had a transatlantic hit with "Oh Babe What Would You Say?."

Smith's 1920's style hit went Top Five in America, while one of his productions "Money" by Pink Floyd couldn't crack the Top 10. "Money" wasn't that airplay friendly with the term "Bulls**t" being used. Still when you hear Smith sing you have to wonder how that became a hit. It may have been "radio friendly" but not "ear friendly."

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