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Friday, March 27, 2009

Making Fun of Complainers On Air Is Fun

Remember on SNL, when someone would try to give a cranky rant during Weekend Update and Chevy Chase would make fun of that person behind their back? My belief is that is what we in the media need to do to those who have complaints about us. Especially, when they have no valid point other than "I don't like that." I think it is a shame that this area seems to believe that a person, like myself, with a FCC licence and a Bachelor of Science in Media, shouldn't have any say in what goes out over the air but when old man Fussmucker calls to complain it leads to firings, format changes and other bad ideas.

If we make it harder for these people to complain, then we won't have to deal with complaints.
For instance:
  • If someone calls on a studio line during a talk show to complain, play music or a air-horn over their comments.

  • If protesters show up at your station complaining about the music, turn a hose on them. Little old ladies in tennis shoes don't like to be wet.

  • Run liners about a complaint hot line at the station with a voice mail. Never check the voice mail.

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