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Monday, March 2, 2009

Paul Harvey 1918-2009 "Good-DAY!"

Legendary radio commentator Paul Harvey died Saturday at age 90. While I was not a big fan, let me say this about Mr. Harvey. He was the last of a long line of radiomen who read the news in their style. He was preceded in death by Walter Winchell, Gabriel Heater, Alex Dryer, Lowell Thomas and those guys at the beginning of the original The Day Earth Stood Still. He gave the news with an editorial or feature segment. He probably didn't care if you agreed with him or not. He also didn't need pre-screened calls from fans nor did he need to make fun of a person who disagreed with him. To Paul Harvey, the news was not about how the Right should crush the Left, but that both sides needed to work together in order for America to work (Remember "Bushel of Wheat for a Barrel of Oil?"). That was the theme of most of the Rest of the Story shows. Legends that Paul Harvey told with a great element of surprise.

Paul Harvey was a conservative, but unlike the talk radio goons, he never gave us shocking stories about Satanic cults living in tunnels under the city or college girls forced to have lesbian sex in front of class. He never said he put himself on the same level as God or called his shows "excellence in broadcasting." He just opened the show every day by saying "Stand By for news." Just news.

Here is a very good story by KYTV's Steve Grant, which features Harvey speaking in Springfield at an appearance through KWTO-AM.

Here is The Chicago Trib's trib to Paul Harvey

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