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Saturday, January 31, 2009

PETA Ad Was NOT As Offensive As That Planters Ad Last Year

I saw the PETA ad NBC turned down over at Ron Davis' Chatter blog. I didn't find it offensive. I thought it was pretty cute. Besides it wasn't as offensive to me as the one from Planters last year with this ugly girl in it (above) that all the guys chased. Why? She smells like Planters Peanuts. How does she get to smell like Planters Peanuts? She RUBS THEM ON HERSELF. GAG! The last image we see of her, she is walking down the street pulling her panties out of her crack.

Some Right-wing wackos would say that it is demeaning to men. Actually, there are some guys out there who are not very evolved and would be attracted to a girl because she smells like peanuts. Trust me, I've answered the phones at Jock 98.7. As a man, I'm not offended (because I'm not a guy like that).

It's the whole "ugly-girl-smells" idea then throw in "the wedgie factor" and this is just in bad taste. Bad part this ad played long after the Super Bowl and USUALLY WHILE I'M EATING. GAG!
BTW, I've seen a photo of what this girl really looks like and she is kind-of cute.

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