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Friday, January 23, 2009

Springfieldian Brad Pitt Nominated For Oscar - The Dark Knight Didn't Get Best Pic (HA-HA)

I was happy to see that The Dark Knight was not nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture since everyone knows I am world famous as "The Guy Who Didn't Like The Dark Knight." One Dark Knight fan said I "suffered from being a douche bag."

However, it was cool to see Springfieldian Brad Pitt nominated for Best Actor in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. All together Benjamin Button received 13 nominations. Here is CNN's report on the Oscar nominations.

Now, soon we will see comments on the News Leader message boards by a bunch of local redneck, right-wing jerks who will brag that they "Don't care about the Oscars" and "Ain't gunna watch'em."

I don't like this attitude. See I'm in radio. I feel I deserve an award of some kind, but unfortunately the companies I've worked for have never given me the recognition I deserve. I, unlike many in the local market, believe that I'm in the same league with Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Sean Penn and others. I AM A CELEBRITY! I AM A GOD WALKING AMONG YOU SILLY LITTLE MORTALS!

You people should have more respect for the Hollywood community. They deserve awards for what they do, unlike you plumbers, bankers, real estate people, insurance agents, tire store salespeople, youth ministers, gym coaches and other riff-raff. After all you Ozarkers are stupid enough to worship talk radio goons, that nerdy lady governor of Alaska and that bald plumber guy.

You people are going to watch the Oscars this year or I'll have to zap you with my death ray, which will reduce you to atoms for me to scatter to the fore winds. It is either that or I'll have my robot stomp your house. Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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