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Tuesday, June 23, 2009


There is one horrible plague that my generation had to deal with - a called "You Light Up My Life." The song came from a movie that nobody I know saw. The Debbie Boone version of the song (Oh yes, everyone tried to sing this one) was on the radio every hour of the day and on every radio station between 1977 - 78. She was on TV singing it. They forced us to sing it in elementary school. I once saw on the news where a school forced little deaf children to perform the song in sign language, as opposed to having them sign a good song from the era like "Calling Dr. Love" or "Do You Think I'm Sexy." Yes, while British kids were getting into the Sex Pistols, we were being tortured by Debbie Boone and "You Light Up My Life." This may have been the start of radio's problems.

Even into my high school days in the late 80's, someone would sing "You Light Up My Life" in an assembly or at a school event. So I am glad to report (with help from CNN) that the guy who wrote "You Light Up My Life" is going to be punished for sex charges. I WANT HIM PUNISHED FOR WRITING THAT SONG, BUT OPINIONS LIKE THIS IS WHY I AM THE SUPER VILLAIN OF THE OZARKS!!!! Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

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