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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

To Know-know-know Phil is to fear-fear-fear Phil

I have the idea that nobody will go along with. I believe rock stars should have diplomatic immunity. On the other hand, I feel that Phil Spector is overrated (I'm more of a Joe Meek fan) and if he is convicted of the death of Lana Clarkson then it will prove the California judicial system in got major problems.

Reuters is reporting (via Yahoo news) that the judge in the Phil Spector case is allowing a former girlfriend to testify about Spector holding a gun to her head on two different instances when she tried to leave his home. There will also be testimony from four other women, who say that Spector threatened them with guns.

As a person with a love of older music, I've read countless interviews with people involved with Spector's Wall of Sound. There are several people who mentioned Spector holding guns to studio musicians heads because they played a note wrong or something.

Also notice a bit of trivia on IMDB about Russ Meyer's movie Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.
"The character of Ronnie "Z-Man" Barzell was based loosely on legendary record producer Phil Spector. While neither Meyer nor Ebert had ever met Spector, they were told by acquaintances of his that they'd caught his essence very well."

At the end of the film, Z-Man has a party at his mansion. He puts a gun in the mouth of a female guest and pulls the trigger. Then, he chases another woman through the house with a gun (he also decapitates a guy with a sword). Coincidence? And what about that song by the Crystals?

"Then he grabbed my arm real tight,
He said I couldn't leave his mansion that night,
I was so scared I almost cried,
And then he Killed me." (Okay, I'm being silly.)

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