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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Every Inch of Harry Reems

"Springfield needs you, Harry Reems! Harry will you please come home!" (sung to the tune of "Harry Truman" by Chicago). From the Springfield News Leader 1977.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Updating a few things

I'm behind on a few things because I had to get a new computer.
  • Sorry I didn't get in on the discussion with Snarling Marmot on the favorite eats. I wish I had more time to frequent some of the local establishments (I will say Ebbets Field has some of the best French Fries). I eat most of my meals at Chilli's. They have the best staff of any resteraunt in town and they're not afraid to serve a man in a mask and cape. I will throw out that we should have a talk about places that are no long apart of the Queen City. As a sickly child who had to visit the doctor here in town quite often, I miss the buffet at Pizza Planet. It sat on Glenstone at the bottom of the bridge over Trafficway. I also miss that place on Glenstone that had 25 cent coney dogs on Tuesday. Also PoBoy's Cajun food.
  • Thanks to Ron Davis of Chatter for the link to Bedazzled, a site about vintage stag films.
  • Speaking of which I hope to have more Studio ads from the Springfield Daily News.
  • I want to apologize to the folks from KSPR 33 news. They had a story on the demolition of North Town Mall in March (which was around the time I heard it). I'm never at home when their news is on. The only local news I see is KY 3's replay at 1:30 a.m. To try and make up I'm linking to one of the greatest things KSPR ever did: The Late Night Horror Show with Count Norlock. These turned up on You Tube recently. First Count Norlock's Black and White episode. The second one features a gargoyle guest host. A little behind the scenes gossip. Count Norlock wanted the gargoyle to take over the show after he retired. Unfortunately, the network brass gave the job to Flabber from Big Bad Beetleborgs. The Gargoyle got an offer from CBS and took it (If you don't get the joke here, you've been out of the loop for about a decade).

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