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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


On this, the fifth anniversary of my starting this blog, I wish to announce that I will no longer be updating this blog. I will continue to post over at my new blog, The New Adventures of Desdinova the Super Villain of the Ozarks. Please continue to follow me by clicking on the link above and choose "follow." It has gotten too time consuming to try to post material to both blog sites.

I should also let some long time readers know that I deleted quite a few post. Why?
  1. Irrelevance. This blog originally tried to be topical. However, it was to a fault. Many of my post really didn't need to be here any more. Some of them I read and couldn't figure out who or what they were about. I had to Google the names.
  2. Broken links. I linked to some local news websites for some of my post. Those stories or articles are gone. Many of the times I posted to material on YouTube (especially music) has been removed. So I removed those post as well.
  3. I deleted things that might keep me from a finding a new job. I apparently stepped on a few toes of some people in the media, as well as most of the Ozarks. Anyone who knows me knows that I love the media, which is why I studied it at S.M.S.U (now M.S.U) and obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in it. I felt that many of my statements about the local media were nothing more that constructive criticism. Some didn't feel that way. One company, apparently told someone I know, that I have been blacklisted from working at that company. I should point out that I was much rougher on another company and an on-air "personality" that worked there. Of course, that company took care of that problem. The criticism I gave the company that blacklisted me was mild to what I gave their rival across town. Then again, I also had some people in the company I worked for that, instead of thinking what I did was funny and laughing along, were upset about my comments about a rival company and it's on-air "personality." I knew that people in the Ozarks are touchy, but I didn't realize that people in the media were that touchy too.
However, I left quite a few things because I felt, if you were offended by what I wrote, you probably deserve it. Much of what I have posted here is satire. It was just a fun way of looking at political opinions held by many here in the Ozarks. Many of those who complained were what I called "weenie bloggers" and talk radio host. They seemed to be a humorless group of people, who made themselves miserable because their extreme beliefs. I feel that life is too short to not be able to laugh at world around us. I also found it interesting that many of these bloggers and talk radio host, who hated me so much are no longer around. That was part of the reason I decided to change the blogs direction.

I thought this blog might lead to a job as a morning show host, but apparently that wasn't going to happen. The new blog is focused on things I can write about much more easily. There will probably be less animosity and violence advocated toward me. My hope is I can develop a radio show, preferably syndicated, that will be tied into the retro theme. Contrary to what some would tell you, I believe there is a need for that type of programming in many radio markets.

I plan to leave this blog up for now. I plan to resurrect some of the post on the new blog from time to time. I hope to hear from some of you fans on the new blog. 

    Saturday, January 14, 2012

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