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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Crazy Jane and her Toothless Anti-Bullying Law

We have mentioned State Rep. Jane Cunningham in the past and her lip service to anti-bullying legislation. Recently, Rep. Cunningham received an endorsement from former Governor/Attorney General John Ashcroft. Monday she was on the KSGF morning show bragging about her so-called anti-bullying legislation. Vincent David John Jacob Jingle Himerschmit Rufus Xavier Sarsaparilla (who found a kangaroo) Shimmy Shimmy Ko-ko Bop Ramma Lama Ding Dong Do Wah Diddy Diddy Da Do Ron Ron Ron Da Do Ron Ron Gidyup Ooomp Pompa Oooomp Pompa Mow Mow Hiyo Silver Away Banana Fanna Fo Fanna De Doo Doo Doo De Da Da Da (That's all I want to say to you) Gabba Gabba Hey Gabba Hey (Now you're one of us) two all-beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onion on a sesame seed bun, Itsy Bittsy Tiny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Joiner-Kersee Sammy Davis Junior Jericho kissed every inch of her butt while trashing local State Rep. Sara Lampe’s work on the bill.
Cunningham basically that she doesn’t want sexual orientation on the bullying legislation because it would give special treatment to "certain groups." She claimed that Rep. Lampe’s version of the bill would "punish" a person for telling another student (her words) "I don’t like your lifestyle." CUNNINGHAM WANTS TO PROTECT THE BULLIES FROM PUNISHMENT.
Cunningham was probably never bullied in school like I was, so she probably doesn’t know what goes on. I will allow her that. Bullies will use any excuse to get out of trouble. The favorite lie a bully tells is "I was only joking" or "We are just having fun." I’m sure some bully will probably use "I criticizing their lifestyle." I’m not gay and I wasn’t gay in school, however, I was bullied over my clothes, my choice of music and my choice of girls to be interested in (Rod Hance proved, my choice of women STILL upsets some people in Lebanon).
Cunningham is trying to make this a toothless, ineffective law where nobody would be punished. The way Cunningham wants it, the bully can turn tables on the victim. It will be the same thing that we have seen from the right-wing talk show host for the past few year, "You can’t condemn me for hating (insert a minority group here), because you hate me because I’m conservative." The argument about who is bullying who will go back and forth and the school won’t know who to punish. Cunningham’s anti-bullying law will allow the bullies to get off scot-free and be back in class causing trouble.
The basic point made over and over in the interview was "sexual orientation" should not be in mentioned in the anti-bullying law. I SAY IT SHOULD FOR THIS REASON: ALL BULLYING IN JUNIOR HIGH AND HIGH SCHOOL IS BASED ON DISCRIMINATION AGAINST GAYS EVEN IF THE VICTIM IS HETEROSEXUAL. Junior high and high school bullies get a kick out of calling their victims names like "fag," "queer," or "homo." If sexual orientation is mentioned, then these bullies can be punished. Cunningham would allow them to explain their actions as "a religious intervention."
Here is something that I feel both Lampe and Cunningham should put into an anti-bulling law: if a student has more than three bullying complaints against them, the parents have to be punished too. I’ve learned that bullies learn there hatred for others at home. Any bullying law needs to punish the parents as well as the kid.
From the tone of her discussion on KSGF, Cunningham is not sincere about stopping bullying. Usually it is old white guys who cloud the issue on bullying because, they were bullies themselves in their school days. My theory is Rep. Cunningham was the girl who was sweet on the bully boys.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

That Song in the Axe Commercial

If you've seen the Axe Commercial where the guy imagines every girl he sees in their underwear, you've heard this song. It is by one of the most overlooked rock bands of the 60s (at least by oldies/classic rock radio) - the Seeds. They were sort of viewed as the United States answer to the Rolling Stones. Sky Saxon certainly tried to sound like Mick Jagger. The late Lester Bangs said what made their only Top 40 "Pushin Too Hard" great was it escentially "Louie Louie" only faster and reduced to two chords from three.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Michael Reagan Still a Dork

Talk radio show host Michael Reagan is begging to be Vice President. According to All Access, he was a guest on CNN's Larry King Live a few nights ago a made the suggestion that if Hillary Clinton thinks she can be President because she was First Lady, he can be Vice President because he is the son of a President. OH YEAH, RIGHT!

His father may have been President, but as far as being the son of a Hollywood actor, Michael Reagan is STILL not as cool as Peter Fonda. Now I think Peter Fonda should be President because of this speech alone.

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