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Monday, February 2, 2009

Desdinova Looks at the Super Bowl Ads

First off I realized there was another ad from last years Super Bowl I found more offensive than the PETA ad that NBC turned down: That stupid puking E-Trade Baby. He is also always on TV while I'm trying to eat. He was back twice this year and even more obnoxious. I can't believe people said they liked those ads.

I notice many people are saying they hated my favorite ad which was from Telaflora. It was the woman who receives the "flowers in the box" that hurl insults at her in front of her co-workers. I think I must be the only one who got the joke. The moral is "Women shouldn't date guys are too cheap to send fresh flowers." We were supposed to sympathize with the woman. Many reviewers thought the advertisers point was "lets make fun of a unattractive woman." It was the opposite, it was making fun penny-pinching jerks who don't appreciate their girlfriends/wives. My favorite line in the ad was when the talking flower told the woman "Nobody wants to see you naked." At the end, a geeky co-worker tried make her feel better by saying he'd like to see her naked, but she didn't want to hear it.

Desdinova's other favorites: Bridgestone ads featuring hip-hop astronauts and Mr. and Mrs. Potato Head, Pepsi's ad with Bob Dylan and Will. I. Am, Denny's poking fun at IHOP's promos and gangster movies, Bud Light's budget meeting and the one with Conan O'Brien, Coke Zero's homage to the 70's Coke ad with Mean Joe Greene, Hulu's ad with Alec Baldwin plotting to take over the world (Alec Baldwin running the world WOULD BE COOL), CareerBuilders with the naked co-worker and the punching of a koala bear.

THE ADS DESDINOVA NEVER WANTS TO SEE AGAIN: E-Trade baby (I can't stress this enough), Cars-dot-com's "David Abernathy" who should have been punched out like the koala in the CareerBuilder ad, Go Daddy (Is there a point to those?), Sobe (WTF?), Castrol (chimps are a Super Bowl ad cliche), Sprint's Roadies and ALL OF THE CAR COMPANY ADS SUCKED BIG TIME (especially that Audi ad)!

AdAge has a page where you can re-watch those the Super Bowl ads.

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