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Monday, February 16, 2009


Everywhere you go, you hear someone talking about Facebook. Most of what I have heard about Facebook was more positive than about MySpace. Also I was hearing this from people in my age group and older people as well. That should have been a tip off right there as to what it was. Facebook is boring and dull. It is like someone said "How can we make a website like MySpace more like a Polk Directory?"

My twin brother decided to start a profile since our high school class is getting a reunion together on Facebook (I might show up). I noticed that unlike MySpace that Facebook seems to be very anal and uniform. Then I looked at a few profiles and noticed they were not as much fun to look at as the MySpace profiles. There was NO MUSIC. What is a profile page with out your favorite Metalica song?

People on Facebook have to use their real names not fun monikers like on MySpace. I was on there for an hour and didn't see any pictures of drunk, single girls with there skirts stuck in the waistband of their pantyhose dancing on a table.

I believe Facebook was created for people too boring and dull to be on MySpace. It is for overachievers who seem to see everything as a part of their status. There are people on Facebook telling how much money they make, how good their grades were in high school, how much many cars and houses they own, how many kids they have, how many wives and concubines they have. Too many guys who list themselves as Republicans on there.

Granted, unlike MySpace, I didn't find any photos or profile of former male classmates in drag ("Hey, I don't remember this chubby blonde girl in my class - Omigod! That's Tommy Farquar.")

I think I'd rather be on MySpace because it is more like a fun college party and Facebook is like a bad Chamber of Commerce meeting. Of course, opinions like these are what make me the SUPER VILLAIN OF THE OZARKS!!! Mwu-HAHAHAHAHAHA!

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