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Thursday, July 2, 2009


Okay, I'm behind on celebrity deaths. So much for that "They-come-in-threes" stuff. I missed Gale "My Little Margie" Storm, TV pitchman Billy Mays, and impressionist Fred Travelena. I've been out of town and away from a computer so I couldn't update my blog.

However, I wanted to mention two of my favorites who left us yesterday.

Karl Malden died at age 97. CNN has his obit. I grew up with him as both the star of the Streets of San Fransisco and as spokesman for American Express. His pinkie-finger sucking villain in Murderers Row was one of many spy movie villains that inspired Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers films.

Reuters reporting that British comedy actress Mollie Sugden has died at 86. Best remembered as the prissy Mrs. Slocum on the sitcom Are You Being Served? Mrs. Slocum usually has a bad dye-job on her hair and talked about her cat which she called "her pussy."

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