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Tuesday, November 16, 2010


An Atlanta radio station Hot 107.9 stopped music Monday for a townhall forum on bullying. Usually, I'm against stopping music for election, sports or severe weather coverage. I believe updates and break-ins are more effective and don't upset as many music listeners. However, the bullying crisis in this country needs to be addressed. I've noticed that All Access has reported several CHR and urban stations are having these townhall forums on bullying.

I also notice that the talk radio industry in NOT talking about bullying. The reason is they are PRO-BULLYING. If you knew the truth, most talk radio host were probably bullies when they were in school. I'm sure that Dr. Laura called some girl in her class a "Skanky Lezzy" and no doubt Rush Limbaugh sat on some kid who was smaller than him. As much talk as there has been about anti-bullying laws, I'm sure it is only a matter of time before Mike Savage screams, "I hope all the little whiny bullying victims die of cancer!" and Glenn Beck will say, "I can't prove this but Adolph Hitler was against bullying and enacted an anti-bullying law. Good American children should not be punished for bullying the wimpy socialist classmates." (He'll turn on his fake tears at that point)

A commenter on the story from WGCL-TV about the Hot 107.9 anti-bullying townhall mentioned something that might also explain why the right-wing isn't interested in stopping bullying. The rise in bullying is a result of No Child Left Behind, which was designed to penalize, and ultimately, destroy the public school system. School suspensions rack up negative points on the Annual Yearly Progress Process. Schools sweep problems under the rug to avoid being penalized. Also many teachers complain that problem students, that used to be in special programs designed to deal with them, are merged into the classrooms with good students. These students are a constant problem for teachers that are trying to teach kids.

I know many public school teachers and they all agree that No Child Left Behind is one of the worst things to ever happened to public schools. It needs to be rescinded.

Radio Station Hosts Townhall Meeting To Stop Bullying - Atlanta News Story - WGCL Atlanta

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