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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Do I Get The Points or Is the Game Off?

There was a time when the members of the blogging community played a strange game with Ron Davis at Chatter. When someone would hear of the death of a famous or semi-famous, we would e-mail Ron with the info and he would give the person who contacted him first "the points." Some critisized us over it and Ron is busier with KSPR news. So they game may have ended.

However, I wanted to bring these three deaths to your attention.

  1. Cartoonist Gus Arriola, who created the comic strip "Gordo." The comic strip about a Mexican bean farmer who becomes a tour guide. The strip is credited with helping educated many American's about Hispanic culture and their neighbor South of the Border. He was 90.
  2. Actor Barry Morse. My generation knew him as Dr. Victor Bergman on Space 1999. Older people remember him as Lt. Gerard on the Fugitive. He made Gerard almost deranged in his hatred of Richard Kimble, played by David Jansen. In one episode, he is told Kimble may have died in a car accident. He squeezes a coffee until it breaks. Steven King once said that he thought rather than admitting he was wrong about the one-armed man to Kimble, he should have shot himself or beat up Kimble while screaming "NO!NO! It should have been YOU! I WANT YOU TO BE THE KILLER!" Morse was 89.
  3. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, guru to the Beatles, Donovan, Mia Farrow, Beach Boy Mike Love, David Lynch and Deepak Chopra. John Lennon was got upset with him and wrote the White Album song "Sexy Sadie"He was 91.

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