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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I Upset a Comic Book Geek and I Still Say The Dark Knight Will Suck

Every time I think I’ve posted something that won’t be controversial and provoke the wrath of a crazy person, I get a comment posted that proves why I don’t like comments. This time, a post I made in March about the upcoming Dark Knight has upset a comic book geek.

Let me say, I want to see Iron Man and the upcoming Incredible Hulk film, however, I’M NOT EXCITED ABOUT THE DARK KNIGHT. It just doesn’t look good and I especially don’t like the makeup job on the late Heath Ledger’s Joker.

Well, I found an unmoderated comment on the blog from an "andrew." I noticed "andrew" is what I call a ‘blog and dash’ person. He creates a Blogger account so he can leave and snotty comment on the blog that offends him. That is how I get most of my comments.

He starts off with a real intelligent statement: "First of all you may be suffering from being a douche bag." I "may be suffering from being a douche bag." As you will see in reading andrew’s (He doesn’t seem to know how to capitalize proper names), that is the pot calling the kettle black.

"2nd read a book and read history on wha batman is really suppose to be because nolan has figured it out." I own several collections of Batman comics from the early days on down. I was reading Batman comics before you were born. I probably know more Batman history than you have ever thought about knowing. I know all about how he was the dark figure of the night that carried a gun. I also know the Joker murdered his enemies, leaving them with a smile.
My favorite part: "i work for warner bro's as a PA, and ledgers makeup is supreme to what it is suppose to be. He is scarred in actuality, and the makeup just adds to the image because he obviously puts it on himself, he does not care what it looks like." OH YEAH! RIGHT! I tracked with Feedjit the views from today and the only person viewing the post about The Dark Knight was from Woodbridge, Illinois. Something tells me you are 22 years old and work at McD’s. The rest of that seems to make no sense.

The rest of this doofus’ tirade gets ugly: "Get your head out of your ass and go make some more web sites that just makes you sound ignorant and un educated. Yes i do study film, and you may not nonethelss, go watch the trailer again because you really need to if you took the time to make this website, and by the way did you try and justify the 60's batman show somehow? robin was real cool. Jesus"

I hate to tell you ‘andrew’ but I have two degrees from Missouri State University. One of those is in electronic media production. I have had several film classes and I’m quite a film buff. Also, I watched the trailer for The Dark Knight. THAT IS WHEN I DECIDED IT WOULD SUCK!
Okay, one thing I will point out to you, ‘andrew.’ Go find some Batman comics from the 50’s and 60’s. Notice how the Joker seems to act like an overgrown child rather than a murdering psycho and Batman and Robin are like Boy Scouts. Throw in stories involving aliens, time travel and those famous DC Comics talking gorillas and you’ve got the basis for the TV version. Frankly, the TV show along with the "New Look" improved Batman comics and paved the way for all the Dark Knight stuff of the Seventies and Eighties that you fanboys get all horny over.

Why is it believe ‘andrew" is the guy who fired off the e-mail to the homophobic gym teacher over the Practice? Maybe I should start sending andrew's comments around as a chain e-mail.

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